Steph (Original member 1995-2014)

“Dancezone was such a huge part of my life growing up. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were made in the dance studio, and on stage (home and abroad!). Whenever I stepped inside that studio I felt energized, excited, and carefree. Sandra always brought out the best in me with energy and kindness! I made friends in Dancezone who are still my best friends now in my 30s. We often share memories together and feel lucky for all the opportunities we were afforded. I believe Dancezone brought a confidence out in me that I have brought with me into my adult life. As a parent now myself I look forward to the day I can send my little one to enjoy the absolute joy of dance and performance with Dancezone.”

Ciarra O Sullivan (Member Ferbane, 2003-2019)

“Dancezone has been a huge part of my life. It has not only helped shape me as a person but has allowed me to experience so many opportunities in the dancing world. The skills I have learned from Sandra both personally and creatively have allowed me to become the teacher I am today. I have met lifelong friends through Dancezone’s fun and encouraging classes. From Beyoncé to Frozen, this is the place for every future star!”

Sharon Higgins Hamm (Mom of 4 members past and present)

“I’m a Dancezone Mam for 22 years. When sitting thinking of my 4 children who were and some who are still part of the Dancezone Family, the memories come flooding in! To say it’s been been amazing is an understatement. Annual shows, Dancing in the Westend, performing on Stage in Disneyland Paris… twice might I add. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Costumes, lights, action. If there was to be a quote that sums up Sandra and Dancezone it would be, Believe and Achieve…because that’s the gift every child, teenager and adult receives as members of the Fantastic Dancezone Family”



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Dancezone members are professionally trained to develop their talents and encouraged to use them to the best of their ability, while working in a safe and secure environment. This school also encourages students to develop self confidence and social skills as well as enjoying the wonderful trappings the stage has to offer

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